Points of Friction in Higher Ed Marketing

May 2, 2019

As a leading provider in the business and consumer services industry, Apps Dezign Mart understands the significance of identifying and addressing the points of friction in higher education marketing strategies. In today's competitive landscape, it is essential to recognize the hurdles that institutions face in attracting and retaining students.

Understanding Friction Marketing

Friction marketing refers to the obstacles or challenges that a higher education institution may encounter in the process of engaging with potential students. These points of friction can hinder the marketing efforts and impact the overall success of recruitment campaigns.

Common Points of Friction

There are several common points of friction that higher education institutions often face:

  • Complex Application Process: Lengthy and complicated application procedures can deter prospective students from applying.
  • Unclear Program Offerings: Miscommunication or lack of clarity regarding programs can lead to confusion among applicants.
  • High Tuition Costs: Affordability is a major concern for students, and exorbitant tuition fees can be a significant barrier.
  • Outdated Marketing Strategies: Failure to adapt to modern marketing practices can result in reduced visibility and engagement.

Overcoming Friction Points with Apps Dezign Mart

At Apps Dezign Mart, we specialize in developing tailored solutions to address the points of friction in higher education marketing. Our team of experts works closely with institutions to identify areas of improvement and implement strategic initiatives to enhance recruitment efforts.

Customized Application Processes

By streamlining application procedures and simplifying the enrollment process, we help institutions reduce friction and increase applicant satisfaction. Our innovative technologies allow for a seamless application experience, ensuring a higher conversion rate.

Clear Communication Strategies

We assist institutions in articulating their program offerings effectively, ensuring that prospective students have a comprehensive understanding of the available courses. Clear communication plays a vital role in reducing confusion and attracting the right candidates.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions

Our cost-effective marketing strategies help institutions reach a wider audience without overspending. We leverage digital platforms and data-driven insights to optimize campaigns and maximize returns on investment.

Modernize Your Marketing Approach

By incorporating cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices, we help higher education institutions stay ahead of the competition. Our team continuously evaluates market trends and consumer behavior to develop strategies that resonate with today's students.


In conclusion, identifying and addressing the points of friction in higher education marketing is crucial for achieving success in a highly competitive landscape. At Apps Dezign Mart, we are committed to helping institutions overcome these challenges and drive sustainable growth through strategic marketing solutions.